Fix Xbox 360 Controller Not Working Windows 10

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Not Working Windows 10

But suddenly, you find there is a problem with search Xbox 360 controller on Windows 10. The Xbox 360 controller won’t work or fail to work properly in games.

The reason why wired or wireless Xbox 360 is not working consists in the Xbox 360 controller driver not working.

For most case, your Xbox 360 controller yehyeh driver is corrupted or outdated with Windows 10 updates or upgrade.

So you can arrive at the conclusion that to fix search Xbox 360 controller out of work is to solve Xbox 360 controller driver error on Windows 10, which is the same as the driver issue multimedia audio controller driver is missingand VGA driver issue.

Solution 1: Update search Xbox 360 Controller Driver in Device Manager

To remove search Xbox controller not working error for Windows 10, you can decide to update the Xbox 360 controller driver in the inbuilt tool-Device Manager.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand Xbox 360 Peripherals and then right click the Xbox 360 Controller driver to Update driver.

Here if you cannot find Xbox 360 controller driver in search Xbox 360 Peripherals, you can try to locate it in Unknown devices or Universal Serial Bus Controller.

For most cases, the Xbox 360 controller driver is Xbox 360 Receiver for Windows.

3. Choose to Search automatically for updated driver software.

Now Device Manager can search both your PC and Internet for the latest search Xbox 360 Controller Windows 10 driver.

If there are any, it will install the new Xbox 360 controller driver for you. In this way, you will not be annoyed by the Xbox 360 controller not working on Windows 10.

But if Device Manager failed to find you the recently released search Xbox 360 driver for you, you have to download and install it on your own, or you will never be able to play games with Xbox 360 on Windows 10.