Early Days of Women in Body Building

Early Days of Women in Body Building

Talk of body building and what comes in the minds of many are strong men half nude exposing their already exposed muscles. Rarely do people think about women. This contravenes the fact the women have been in this industry for nearly two decades now. In fact there welcoming ceremony was a very grand one. Let me take you through the earlier development in body building among women.

It was back in the late 1980s, to be precise 1989 was the year. A unique contest was held in Tiny Island nation (formerly known as Formosa) in Asia on the 9th day of April 1989. The contest was about women body builders, something which was not a popular event those days. Even though it was not popular there were some women like Joan Bovino who had started a very progressive training in body building years before the event.

She had that crave for bigger muscles than anyone could image. So many heard about her over the media and everybody was eager to meet her. Towards the last month to the actual day of the event, news started spreading that there were some other women who were well built to an extent that they could easily challenge Joan Bovino in the contest. This even added to people’s curiosity to meet these unique classes of women.

Promoters started struggling to organize the event. Everybody tried to outdo the other. Just like today, everybody loved parade those days. America for instance was famous for its craziness towards parades. The very popular parades then were the Rose Parade, Macy’s ParadeĀ Bodybuilding sarms among others. The idea of women body builders added to the list of famous parades. Ironically, it started way after the other parades but none could match its popularity.

On the actual day of the IFBB event, there was a massive turn-up. The number of people who attended the event was over 200,000. The president of Tainan, Mr. Yeh expected this turnout and therefore prepared a very large space for the event. The whole of Tainan came to a complete stop to honour women body builders. People flocked the streets, shops and some even went as far as climbing the roof tops to catch a glimpse of the great event.

During the competition, the lightweight turned to be the most competitive event of the day. It was so competitive especially when the number had already been reduced to 14 contestants. By the end of the day, the winner had to carry the day. Everybody went praising the occasion and it did not leave the lips of people for months. It gave Mr. Yeh a greater political fame as one who hosted such an event.